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Minocycline pigmentation treatment

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If, after six months, there purchase serpina12 is no satisfactory response minocycline should be discontinued and other therapies considered.

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Minocycline hydrochloride may cause serious side effects.

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Blue or blue-black oral pigmentation was http://aziendaagricolarusso.it/2018/03/15/buy-zovirax-ointment/ seen in 10 of patients taking minocycline for at least 1 year; the rate increased to 20 after 4 years of continuous use2.

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Fleming cj, hunt mj, salisbury elc, mccarthy sw, barnetson rs minocycline-induced hyperpigmentation in leprosy.

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Minocycline has been observed to cause a dark discoloration of the thyroid in experimental animals rats, Pills minipigs, dogs and monkeys .

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